The Importance of the Consecration of Russia

Fatima 1917-2017: The Message for Our Times. p. 66

Fatima, Russia, and the Catholic Church: the message

I do not comment on politics, such as the Ukraine-Russia crisis. I comment on the state of society at large, which includes this novel crisis. My name is Tatyana. My name is Russian, but I am not a Russian citizen. This country of Russia, however, has a direct impact on my life to the extent that she has not been “consecrated” — a religious term meaning to be set apart for a divine purpose. This theme of the “consecration of Russia” has gained popularity in recent weeks among Catholic talking heads in the world of social media. To be more specific, the failure of past popes of this century and those in the previous century to perform this simple act (of the consecration of Russia) that was requested by the Virgin Mary at Fatima in Portugal in 1917, and whose apparitions were corroborated with a scientifically unverifiable solar phenomenon (a miracle of the sun) attested to by even secular media at the time, [1] has had a direct dreadful impact on my life and on of those reading this article.

The Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus, the Man-God, came to Fatima and appeared to three (insignificant) peasant children, in order to save them and mankind generally from impending disasters on a global scale affecting not only man’s physical existence, but more importantly, his spiritual existence. A Russian delegation approached Fr. Nicholas Gruner, ‘the Fatima priest,’ in October 2013 requesting to know everything about Our Lady of Fatima.[2] Putin reportedly heard about the wonders to be wrought if the consecration were done in the manner requested by the Virgin at Fatima. He brought up the subject to “Pope Francis” on November 25, 2013 only to be harshly reprimanded.[3]

If the consecration had been done, the following would have taken place: 1) World Wars I and II would have been prevented. 2) All the genocides that have taken place in the last hundred or so years would have been prevented 3) the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would have been prevented 4) the Cold War and all “wars against communism” would have been prevented 5) all “wars against radical Islamic terrorism” would have been prevented 6) All present conflicts would have been prevented. If the Catholic Popes and bishops of the last hundred years had ceremonially consecrated Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, absolute peace would have reigned in the hearts of men.

In ecclesiastical affairs, if the consecration had been solemnly performed,[4] there would have not been the Second Vatican Council. Indeed, when Pope John XXIII was reminded of his duty to reveal the third part of the secret,[5] he thought it inconsequential to “the fight against communism.” He wished instead to take power for himself. The repercussions of this decision to suppress the third part of the secret that was an indictment on God’s supposed representatives on earth includes the demise of the Catholic Church itself and, therefore, her role as a beacon for a moral society (and preserver of the institution of marriage). Man’s spiritual existence has never been so threatened (as now).


“The 20th and 21st centuries must be understood in the light of Fatima,” (Fr. Betrand Labouche, Fatima 1917-2017: The Message for Our Times, p. xiii). Conventional warfare has characterized most of the conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries. Co-incident to attacks on the body have been attacks on our souls. The former entails a swift death by physical force while the latter connotes a slow death by isolation. The term “isolationism” in international relations describes a country’s foreign policy hostile to dependence on other countries for commodities and military support. For countries isolationism is beneficial. “Isolationism” for a society is catastrophic. The first stage of “isolationism” in the society was the consequence of the reduction of the economy, which entailed women entering the workforce and abandoning their children and God-given duty as mother. Friendships were given up as former mothers left their neighborhood of former friend-mothers in order to work outside the neighborhood. Children were left without family at “daycare.”

The fragmentation of the household is pronounced in the second stage of “isolationism,” characterized by the introduction of the television. It became a comfort for working fathers and mothers drained from the workplace. Children developed addictions to their new nanny, the television. The fragmentation of the household is nearly complete with the invention of the computer (and smartphone).[6] The elderly, such as grandparents, are neglected. Friendships become utilitarian. The television introduces new FALSE thoughts as children are being told that sexual identity is non-existent. The traditional family is reshaped. As computers give human beings more to do, the world becomes taken over BY A METAVERSE.

“Covid-19,” Russia and Ukraine

“Isolationism” reached its zenith in “Covid-19” as people self-isolated for fear of contagion. Physical isolation, masked-up as “care,” became physical an — even worse — psychological abuse. Russia, represented by Vladimir Putin, claims to oppose this trend toward the fragmentation of the household—characteristic of Western society — and inasmuch as the claim is true, Putin should be encouraged.[7] The Zionist Zelensky (representing Ukraine) should not be encouraged to the extent that he opposes those against “isolationism.”[8] Putin has relations with Zionists, it would seem. The opaqueness of the world’s public actors requires circumspection.

Even “Pope Francis” has recently announced his DECISION on March 25 to consecrate both Russia and Ukraine, and what is more, with all the bishops. What is one to make of such an act by one who is avowedly a proponent of a new (sub-human and “isolationist”) world order that is trans-human? One can only speculate.[9] The efficaciousness of the consecration depends upon whether he is legitimately pope. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is still pope (and still alive). There is ambiguity on this matter, since Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI created a new “ministry.”

[1]See O Seculo October 15, 1917


[3]“Pope Francis’s” response was: “We will not discuss Fatima!” See the testimony of Fr. Paul Kramer

[4]All the popes from Pius XII to the present made incomplete attempts. See table above.

[5]It was partially revealed by Cardinal Sodano and then Cardinal Ratzinger in 2000 at a Vatican press conference. They omitted the explanation given by the Virgin Mary of the vision she showed Sr. Lucia.

[6]See The New Media: the Undermining of Society, Family, and Your Own Soul by Jean Claude Larchet: “It is hardly surprising that the new media, which allow communication at will, have developed in a society like ours where social bonds are much weaker than in a traditional society. There is conflict between generations; families are dispersed; marriage is in crisis and unions are unstable; and more and more people, especially in cities but also in the country, live alone, not only in old age but also when still young. People are physically and psychologically isolated,” (p. 39).

[7]Putin states: “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.” (Marc Bennetts, “Who’s ‘godless’ now? Russia says it’s U.S.,” Washington Times, January 28, 2014).

[8]See Ukraine’s President Zelensky’s Anti-Russian Gay Music Video ( Zelensky’s online presence surpasses that of any other (Ukrainian) president.

[9] See Dr. Taylor Marshall regarding fear and uncertainty about the accuracy (or inaccuracy) of the anticipated terminology (

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  1. I found this article very interesting. I too have always wanted to know what the third secret of Fatima is. I agree with all your points on isolationism, as it is very evident in all society and compounded by Covid-19 policies and in our country, Belize, legislated regulations. While the work from home scenario during lockdowns may have had a positive impact on some families in that they spent more time together and bonding, many others have found it very difficult and in some instances heightened abuse. Imagine a child or spouse feeling safe from an abuser only when away from the house to now being 24/7 in the same house with the abuser. That is a tragedy!

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