To Opus Dei From The Desk of Dr. Tatyana

To Opus Dei from the desk of Dr. Tatyana Not more than a few weeks ago, I had been in Mass in the evening at my parish, when a lady dressed in scrubs randomly came up to me after communion to give me a holy card of an Opus Dei member declared by the Vatican […]

Prayer For The Common Good

  Prayer For The Common Good Oh my God, Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, look upon this world suffering from famine of the Common Good and deign to preserve this perverse generation from ignorance of it in the political and spiritual undertakings of this generation’s leaders in both the ecclesiastical & political realms of Church […]

St. John Chrysostom: Homilies on The Gospel of Matthew

St. John Chrysostom:Homilies on The Gospel of Matthew As the world moves forward in time, the “crowd of worldly anxieties and the swarm of desires,” ever increasing,  are like a smoke that “dims the eye of the soul,” says St. John Chrysostom in Homily 2 sec. 9 on the Gospel of Matthew. He argues that […]

St. Joseph, patron of contemplatives

Painting of St. Joseph at the Franciscan shrine of St. Joseph built over the house of St. Joseph in Bethlehem, near the Church of the Nativity. St. Joseph, patron of contemplatives St. Joseph, “the foster-father” of Jesus is often venerated under many titles, such as “St. Joseph the Worker” or “St. Joseph, most Chaste Spouse […]

On Curiosity

  On Curiosity St. Thomas Aquinas defines curiosity thus: it is inordinate desire for truth or the desire for truth for the wrong reasons. Curiosity is a vice, pure and simple. Thomas Aquinas in the Summa Theologiae draws fom Augustine and Aristotle arguing that curiosity is a vice. Curiosity is the desire to know the […]

The Importance of the Consecration of Russia

  The Importance of the Consecration of Russia Fatima, Russia, and the Catholic Church: the message I do not comment on politics, such as the Ukraine-Russia crisis. I comment on the state of society at large, which includes this novel crisis. My name is Tatyana. My name is Russian, but I am not a Russian […]